First goats transferred to the mainland

On Friday 17 March, as part of action C.3 on the containment of the feral goat population on Tavolara, the first ten goats were transferred to the mainland,.

The working group, which consisted of staff from the Marine Protected Area, was coordinated by veterinarians from the Animal Welfare and Livestock Hygiene divisions of the Olbia Local Health Unit, along with veterinarians from Agenzia Forestas, who had been involved in the project from the very start. The goats underwent all the analyses in compliance with the health conditions attached to the containment plan that was approved by the Sardinian regional government. The goats were turned over to a local goat farmer who took part in the public tender process. The goal of this activity is to reduce the impact that goats have on the local vegetation, which has severely been impacted by them, especially in the dunes at Spalmatore di Terra.

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