Biosecurity measures

The monitoring activities and biosecurity measures listed under action C4 of the Life Puffinus are continuing.

The biosecurity system includes several measures aiming to reduce the possibility of rats and mice reaching the island on ships, through actions implemented at the points of departure and specific information actions. Additionally, some of the interventions planned aim to quickly ‘intercept’ any rodents that may reach Tavolara (especially around inhabited areas) and its islets, preventing the formation of new populations.

This phase included the placement of poisoned bait stations that are particularly attractive to rats – so-called rat hotels – comprising wooden boxes with several food items, nest construction material, and rat bait. Rat hotels were placed in strategic locations on Tavolara, near human settlements and areas frequented by tourists (Spalmatore di Terra) and islets such as Isola Cavalli and Isola Piana.

Indeed, recent studies suggest it is more efficient to place rat hotels at strategic spots frequented by rats rather than distributing a large number of bait stations.

Later on, with the help of ship owners, the chances of rats arriving on the island will be further reduced with the placement of bait stations on the boats making regular runs to Tavolara.

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