The Tavolara Marine Protected Area in Milis

Last week, Milis hosted the “Primavera in Giardino” specialized gardening fair. The Tavolara Marine Protected Area had its own stand at the fair, as part of action E6 of the Life project. Visitors to the fair were informed about issues related to invasive alien plant species, which are often cultivated for decorative purposes in private and public gardens, thus running the risk of their release into the natural environment. Available at the stand were copies of the brochure “Mediterranean gardens without invasive plants”, part of the Life Puffinus communication material and dedicated to the topic of alien plant species. It is worth remembering that there is a code of best practices put together by the European Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) and adopted by the Council of Europe to prevent the introduction of alien species and mitigate the negative impacts and spread of those already present. The code aims to raise awareness among everyone in the gardening sectors, including landscape architects and engineers and workers in the produce sector, on how to adopt best practices to avoid the unchecked spread of alien species, which interfere with native ones and cause negative ecological, social, and economic impacts, including the gradual loss of biodiversity.


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