Life PonDerat Project

The Life PonDerat project is in full swing in the Pontine Islands. Much like our Life Puffinus project, is goal is to contain and/or eradicate several alien invasive species, including rats, goats, and Hottentot figs (Carpobrotus sp.). As in Tavolara, the main beneficiaries of these projects will be nesting seabirds – Scopoli’s and Yelkouan Shearwaters – that currently suffer from rat predation. Positive effects are also expected for the native plant life, which is threatened by excessive goat grazing on the island of Palmarola and by the presence of Carpobrotus. The experts involved in the Ponderat include Nemo srl, associated partner of the Life Puffinus Tavolara project.


Link to the Ponderat project website:



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