Tavolara, the main island in the Marine Protected Area, is a massive outcrop rising from the sea up to an elevation of 565 meters at Punta Cannone. About 6 km in length, and 1.5 km at its widest point, it towers over nearby islands. Indeed, it is a remnant of an enormous calcareous formation dating back to the Mesozoic, while the nearby landscape is dominated by older granite formations that have been smoothed out over time. The wild and rugged Tavolara, on the other hand, with its countless caves, cavities, and tunnels, both above ground and underwater, is home to range-restricted plants and a rich fauna.

Spalmatore di Terra as seen from the summit of Tavolara
Landing is possible on the strip of sand at Spalmatore di Terra, the starting point for a nature trail that explains the characteristics of the island and the activities of the protected area. The latter is subject to various degrees of protection, as detailed in the map below.
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